Long Weekend!

It’s a long weekend and I have the basset.

My plan is to clean up a bit around the house, grocery shopping, a bike ride or two and a nap or three. I love a good nap. Read for a bit, have a few smarties and then curl up with the basset. One of my favourite things in life is a good nap with the basset.

The basset is a good napper as he is demonstrating here:

How To Get Your Husband To Come Home

During dinner on Saturday with my friend (Love you!) we were catching up on what’s been going on with us. She is married with two children and teaches yoga, also lives in the burbs. I am single, live close to downtown, with hobbies and a part-time dog. We get together pretty regularly but usually we have stuff to catch up on. Work, how her kids are doing, how we’re feeling. The usual stuff, mixed with gossip, bad jokes and critiquing how other people dress.

She has been really busy lately and the kids are home and she has a husband hanging around. Her husband is a WONDERFUL man and I really love how they are together (possibly even more now). My friend is the kind of person who needs alone time. She needs space to take a breath and recharge, then she’s happy to come back to the land of the living. This space has been lacking lately and with general life stuff she was starting to go squirrelly, which I can relate to (I had a total melt down on a family vacation a few years ago but this isn’t about me).

Being tired, just feeling generally rundown and frustrated she was pretty happy when her kids asked to have dinner at a friends. This was great, the husband was suppose to bring home some wine, they would have dinner and a quiet night. FANTASTIC!

She waited for the husband to come home. She checked her phone, no message. She waited. She decided to have a bath. Usually this would calm her down but not today. She was missing a glass of wine to go with the bath. Sometime in the bath she started the loop in her head, the loop that turns into a snowball because your calm rational side fell asleep in the tub.


Now out of the tub and checking her phone again. Her mind started to tell her, isn’t that inconsiderate? How was she suppose to enjoy wine if there was no wine? Shouldn’t he AT LEAST call or text to say when he’ll be home? Was she just suppose to wait around until it’s convenient for him to come home? (She has never been the kind to WAIT for a guy and that includes her husband). Communication ……was that really so difficult? He’s the one that said he would bring home wine!!!!!!


Working herself into a frenzy and being almost beyond livid at this point she thought there were three options 1) He’s dead 2) He’s in the hospital and can’t use his cell phone 3) He’s an asshole

In her mood she wasn’t worried, she was PISSED and if it turned out to be one or two at this point they would be barely acceptable. At a later date she might feel bad but not today.

She tried sending him a text but her phone froze (I think that was a sign, karma telling her WHOA think about this). What did the text say?

Are you 1) Dead 2) In the hospital 3) Just an asshole?

The phone froze and almost came to an ugly end from her frustration. Now she was going to call. In her mood even she knows this is probably not the best idea, so she did but had a plan.

She called and he answered.

She hung up. As soon as he said “Hello” she was satisfied that the answer was “Just an asshole”. HAH! She knew it! Some brief relief from the feeling of frustration with the feeling of TRIUMPH! She was right, he’s an asshole. This was her mindset as she waited again for her husband to come home.

Her husband arrived home very shortly after. With wine. He apologized and tried to appease her but it was gonna take a good night sleep for rational thought and behaviour to come home.

What was his defence? He knew that she was tired and when tired often likes time alone. He had sent a text earlier saying he was going for a pint but she hadn’t gotten it. This was still his fault. DIDN’T YOU THINK IT WAS WEIRD THAT I DID’NT RESPOND?????????

Yes, yes he did but no news is good news and on his end he thought everything was okay. He had finished a job and gone for a pint at the local pub. Thinking he was doing the right thing and giving her the space she often requires. There was no winning in this situation. Her husband just sucked it up and let her be.

In the morning rational thought did come back, she realized that he is not an asshole and is in fact a kind, patient, caring husband.

This is how you know a good relationship, it’s not how people handle you at your best but how they handle you at your worst. When you go squirrelly, when you’re just mad and frustrated. He’s been through it before, he’ll go through it again (especially with two daughters approaching the teen years, he’s gonna need the pub).

Only one word of advice for the Husband, next time drop off the wine and THEN go to the pub. You don’t even have to stop for long, just open the door, set it down and yell “WINE”. She’ll just come and pick it up, hug it, open it, debate putting a straw in it before she finds a glass and not think twice about you going to have a pint at the pub.

This way you won’t ever have to come home to her wearing an “I’m with asshole…..” t-shirt.


I’m going on a Hawaiian cruise for Christmas!

Very exciting! Seven days, four islands and fun and sun over the holidays!

…… with my Mother.

It started as a funny, what if idea. “Hey you know if we went away for Christmas we wouldn’t have to figure out who has to cook!”

“Hmmmm where would we go?”

“How about a Hawaiian cruise like we were going to do with Granddad?”

“Wouldn’t that be nice………”

Today I traded emails with my Mother and by the end of the day it was booked.

I had said I  didn’t want to do a cruise again, I had said that I didn’t want to travel with my Mother, Hawaii was not even on my list of places to go.

Now I’m really excited.

Mom and I have been getting along, this will be a lovely way for us to spend time together. I  have more patience and Mom has also been on her best behaviour. With that we haven’t been getting persnickety with each other. Now I am looking forward to spending time with my Mom. Also there are a lot of kayaking excursions, which my Mom wants to do. There are also cycling and hiking excursions which I want to do. Basically we can go and do what we want and meet back up in the room. Also looking at the list of excursions and seeing the pictures I’m wondering why it wasn’t on my list.

Now the whole trip seems like the perfect fit, I just have to wait until December!

All Is Right With The World Again

Last week there was a crisis in my house.

The Smarties jar was EMPTY!!!!! OMG HOW DID THAT HAPPEN????????

I’ve had the Smarties jar for a long, long time. I’ve always loved Smarties. As a child if somebody was going to get me a present I got Smarties. I got Smarties for Christmas, Smarties for my Birthday, a Smarties egg at Easter, basically what I’m saying is me and Smarties go waaaaaay back.

Then many, many years ago, I can’t quite remember when, I took a jar in the shape of a bear and filled it with Smarties to keep by my bed. Yep you read that right. I keep a jar of Smarties by my bed. I like to make a cup of tea and read in bed, Smarties go well with that habit. Smarties don’t create crumbs, I can eat them one at a time and usually I just eat a handful or two. Also I keep extra Smarties in the cupboard for when the jar needs a refill. This time the jar was empty, the cupboard was bare and it had been so long since that has happened that I really didn’t know what to do.

I survived though, of course I did. The next day I bought Smarties, enough to fill the jar and more to keep in the cupboard. Now the Smarties jar is full again and all is right in my world.

The Smarties jar is awesome I highly recommend everybody have one!

Evil Dead The Musical!

Saturday was a GREAT night!

It started with a good dinner with a great friend and ended with “Evil Dead The Musical”, actually it ended with the best pepsi ever but Evil Dead was definitely the highlight.

We went for sushi first and really ate A LOT, it was soooo good also had a few glasses of wine and really good conversation. She told me one story that made me laugh and I’m still laughing about it. (Can I tell your story? It really is funny!)

Then it was off to the Pumphouse Theatre for “Evil Dead The Musical”!

I’d seen it before but my friend had not. We were pretty excited until it turns out that I bought tickets for the wrong day. Oooops! Yes my muddled brain had purchased the wrong date, although I am doing way better than I was back in March I still find my brain lacks attention to detail and I still get muddled. Not sure if thats me or the medication but the end result is we don’t have tickets. Oh No!

Back to the box office where they have two tickets that somebody is trying to sell! YAY!

Oh wait there is a couple who is celebrating their anniversary and they want the tickets because they have tickets but they aren’t seated together. Hmmmmm. Okay lets up the karma and we’ll take the two tickets (at a discount) that aren’t together so the couple can sit together.

The musical is hilarious, the songs are fun, the plot actually does follow the Evil Dead story. Even though not sitting together we really enjoyed it. How can you not with songs like “WTF Was That?” and “Do The Necronomicon”. I totally recommend going if you haven’t seen it! Also if you want to up your enjoyment you can sit in the splatter zone. Yep, you can get splattered with blood during the show. It’s pretty funny and the people in the splatter zone seemed to really enjoy it but do get a plastic bag to put anything you don’t want to get blood on.

My friend was one row behind the splatter zone, where they nicely offered ponchos to anybody sitting there. She was glad she got one as some splatter did drift into her zone. Later a message on facebook said “That blood is a bitch to get out from under your nails”. Yeah that looks good. We laughed all the way to the car and in the car ride home.

Part way home all I wanted was a Pepsi (just a Pepsi) …………. and so we had to stop. I rarely drink pop of any kind but at that moment in life I would have killed for a Pepsi. Best Pepsi ever and a great way to end the night!

Sushi, Evil Dead and Pepsi with great company = GREAT SATURDAY!

One More For Foggy……

So the the boy who had (has) a special relationship with Foggy went to the zoo and had a hard time initially with the loss of Foggy. At that age loss is a hard thing to grasp and understand, the process isn’t an easy one.

At the end of the day they went to the gift shop (I believe Grandma was involved) and he left with not one but TWO hippos! Declaring that Foggy will always be in his heart and he now had his own Foggy to cuddle anytime he wants.

It’s actually an important lesson, that important people (and animals) never truly leave us if we remember them and him having a stuffed Foggy just warms my heart!

Where can I find a stuffed Grandad because I still miss him everyday………


RIP Foggy …. You’ll Be Missed!

Foggy passed away yesterday at the Calgary Zoo, he was 47.

I can’t count the number of times I have seen Foggy through my life and he will be missed, especially by a little boy of a fellow blogger who had a special relationship with him. Oddly (or maybe not) he was who I thought of when I heard the news.

Perhaps he’ll still get the occasional message from Foggy?

Wonder where Hippo’s go after they pass away. RIP Foggy, we loved you.


After the personality assessment at Canada Olympic Park in the morning and after lunch we got to go and ride the bobsled!

Very exciting, we had to pick out a helmut and then four go at a time. You figure out who you’re riding with and then where you get to sit. I got to sit in the front YAY! Then the one guy who actually knows what he is doing tells you to hold on keep your head up and hold on.

The bobsled reaches speeds up to ninety km an hour, the ride goes by SO fast and the corners are crazy. It’s a bumpy ride and you do get jostled around quite a bit. All I could think of is the scene in “Cool Runnings” about the Jamaica Bobsled team where they are all sitting in the tub practicing and now that scene makes a lot more sense!

You have no time to react you just go with it and get knocked about a bit from side to side.

It was fun and I’d totally do it again!

At the start:

In the bobsled:

Ready to go!

We were suppose to do the zipline as well which I was REALLY looking forward to but the wind picked up and they shut it down for the day : (

The good news is that we do get to go back and do the zipline in September so all is not lost, I’m really looking forward to it! I went ziplining in Costa Rica and it was really fun, I wrote about it here Ziiplining Costa Rica.