I love the Olympics.

The opening ceremony sucked up my Friday night. It was pretty good, way to go Danny Boyle! The logistics of pulling that off are very impressive. The Queen with James Bond, the music and David Beckham, David Beckham, David Beckham were my favourite parts. Paul wasn’t as annoying as I thought he would be and I really like the Flame.

On Sunday Canada got their first medal! A bronze in women’s synchronized three-metre diving!  Emilie Heymans and Jennifer Abel CONGRATULATIONS!

I’m totally sucked in to it, can’t stop watching. Gymnastics, diving, synchronized diving (HOW DO THEY DO THAT????), cycling, rowing, boxing, if it’s on I’m watching. I really admire athletes at the top of their game all that training for a moment. I find it incredible and inspiring (as I sit on my ass eating ice cream cheering them on).

The mens gymnastics is on right now and I could watch it all day with Kyle Shewfelt commentating, he gets so excited and throws out tid bits of information making it even more exciting. HOW DO THEY DO THAT????? Look at those arms……. wow.

The Brits get SILVER!!!!!! OMG look at Harry and William being TOTAL fan boys!

Oh wait they get bronze the Japanese complained, had a valid point and they get bumped down. STILL THEY GOT BRONZE!!!!! YAY!

Love the Olympics and my other favourite of the day was 15-year-old Ruta Meilutyte who won the gold in the 100 metres breaststroke (and set a new world record). Her face was priceless when she realized she won and getting her medal she looked so overcome with emotion.

How about South Korean archer Im Dong-hyun who is legally blind and made it to the finals? HOW DOES HE DO THAT???

The Olympics make me feel like such an under achiever. Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Meet Spirit!

This is Spirit:

My friend adopted her about a month ago. She wasn’t looking for a dog. She was just donating towels to the Humane society and then wandered through to look at the animals. She stopped when she saw Spirit, her daughter stopped when she saw Spirit.

They left.

They were not looking for a dog. The family had lost Spanner last year, an adorable, fun loving Jack Russell that had been in the family for sixteen years. After Spanner she didn’t think she wanted another dog. Another dog could not replace Spanner. Until Spirit (who will not replace Spanner but will be another chapter).

Spirit had been found, starving, with a bad front leg that had been broken and hadn’t heeled properly. They managed to save the leg and bring her back to health.

My friend tried to forget about her but Spirit would not be forgotten. She even showed up in her dreams. Monday rolled around and my friend announced to her husband that they had to go and get her dog. Spirit is her dog. Spirit follows her pays attention to her and is making herself right at home with the family.

Spirit is having the normal puppy accidents inside, has chewed several shoes and the couch. She’s really sorry (I think this is her forgive me face):

She is leaving hair everywhere and my friend doesn’t care, in fact she couldn’t be happier and Spirit is so happy to have a forever home and is repaying the favour by bringing the joy of a new puppy to the family. Look how good she can be (Look at her not chewing anything!):

Isn’t she BEAUTIFUL! (I totally have puppy envy)

Walking Kingsley Part 5

After the walk he loves to sit outside and watch the world go by, just to wind down:

Then he’ll lie down for a bit:

When he’s ready (and not before) he comes inside and goes back to the couch:

Walking Kingsley Part 4

Finally we make it to the park and this is where the basset starts to move.

He loves it, look at my happy boy:

He still has to sniff around and check everything out:

Stalk a few things and remind me that he IS a hunting dog:

Also I no longer need patience, I can just let him go: 

Walking Kingsley Part 3

Now that we’ve gotten the basset across the street we still don’t get to start walking.

Kingsley has to stop and catch up on the news, smelling all his regular spots along the way here finding out that Walter has been out (Walter is a great pyrenees a big white GORGEOUS dog):

He looks for another good spot something good seems to be this way:

Here he discovers that YES the neighbors cat is still around, he doesn’t trust that cat:

Here he finds out that Louis is now big enough to walk on a leash (Louis is another neighbors three month old boxer he is SOOO cute):

Then finally realizing that we are approaching the park he does his Tony Manero walk down the street, strutting his stuff and FINALLY picking up the pace:

Walking Kingsley Part 2

Now we’re on to the next part of the walk with Kinglsey.

We’ve made it out of the house with the impatient basset leading the way. This part takes patience on my part, you can’t rush a basset. He was all in a hurry to get out but now he’s not sure what he wants to do or where he wants to go. Even though we usually go the same way he has to think about it.

Should we go this way:

Maybe this way:

No wait let me turn around wander back and see what’s over here:

Then he stops in the road, usually when a car is coming and won’t move:

What gets the basset across the road? A PINE CONE, he LOVES pine cones:

When he was a puppy he ate pine cones all the time, now when he sees one it’s like a long lost friend. He has to stop and sniff it and then say a little prayer or whatever goes through his pea sized brain before we move on.

If you’re thinking now we can start walking you would be wrong. A walk with a basset is not exercise it’s a lesson in patience.

Walking Mr. Kingsley Part 1

This is how it starts:

The Basset looks up from his nap and then looks at me. The problem on this day is that it is the last stage of the Tour de France and there is only about thirty minutes left, forty-five with the presentations and everything. I mean the peloton hasn’t caught the break away! I can’t walk him now. So I tried to explain:

The Basset is not very understanding but puts his head back down. Then turns himself around and chills for a few more minutes. After Mark Cavendish wins (fourth time on the Champs Elysees!) the basset looks at me again BUT Bradley Wiggins has won the first Briton has WON and doesn’t he want to see the presentations?????

No, no he does not and then he gives me the stink eye:

So I go to change (sometimes I walk the dog in my pajamas, they don’t look like pajamas and were bought for this purpose), taking my time and half watching the presentations. The dog is on to me and in his seal talk (he sounds like a seal when he talks, arrroooo rroooo rrrrrroooooo) tells me to HURRY UP! I stall enough to watch the presentations, get the final wrap up and head out the door with the impatient basset, explaining to him that I am in charge. If a basset could chuckle he would have.

ANOTHER Purple Flower!

I never tire of purple flowers and this one is one of my all time favourites: