Sailboat, Cork, Ireland

Jacob’s Ladder, Sidmouth – One Of My Granddad’s Favourite Places

Drink Is Thine Enemy, Love Thy Enemy

Red Wine

One of the great things about having Becca visit from London is I get to enjoy a glass of red wine without feeling like a crazy alcoholic Basset Lady (the dog can be very judgemental).

Over the years I’ve had quite a relationship with red wine. We’ve had some very good times and stayed up way too late together. We’ve had a great time on a weeknight, leaving me berating it the next day. I’ve had so much fun on a weekend and then not talked to it for weeks or months, needing a break from the relationship. Oh red wine you can be a handful.

It lures you in and then slams you in the head the next day. Yet I always go back. Oh long lost friend how have you been???

This time Becca and I were good, we enjoyed a few glasses each night but didn’t go over board. The first night we had two bottles one with a cork that took us FOREVER to get out. I couldn’t open it so Becca tried and she had difficulty as well. This made me feel better as she has tennis arms and can usually open a bottle of red like nobody’s business! It was due in large part to the fact that I don’t have a good corkscrew. Apparently this is what Becca will be getting me for Christmas.

So the next night after a lovely dinner we stopped to get a bottle of wine for the evening. Red wine goes hand in hand with good girl gab and she was finally opening up a bit more about her new guy. Who sounds like an amazingly nice, thoughtful, fun, charming fellow!

The only requirements for the wine were it must be red and it must be a twist cap. We didn’t want a half hour struggle to get to the good stuff. So in the liquor store we perused the aisle looking for a cute label (we get sucked in by cute labels), red and twist. The guy working was looking at us like we were idiots, we’re used to this. Mission accomplished we took our new friend home where we enjoyed a lovely evening chatting and laughing.

With the very judgemental basset looking on with a disapproving look. I swear he actually shook his head at us.

What A Weekend!

Are you all dying to know how my Birthday weekend was?

No? Oh well I’m going to tell you anyway. It was FANTASTIC. First I made a cup of tea and ┬áthen opened my cards, which made me laugh and made me miss my Mom (only for a moment and then I shook my head).

Then Becca showed up and I got to catch up with my good friend, who I miss. She has lived in London for the past five years. We used to walk home together and we have travelled together a lot. We had a good old girl gab fest, complete with red wine and good food. In two days we had sushi, Indian and Greek. It was as I thought it would be good company, good wine and good food. This is why I look forward to seeing Becca so much, it’s always all my favourite things in one visit!

We also went shoe shopping. DANGER DANGER

Becca wanted a new pair of boots and so we went to the Fluevog store. I was just going to look but SOMEBODY (I’m looking at YOU, you know who you are) told me to indulge myself and buy something expensive for my Birthday. Easy for you to say sister it’s not your credit card! Okay I can’t blame anybody else for my expensive indulgence and I’m so HAPPY with my new shoes. As in two pairs of Fluevogs.

You see I’ve been looking for a new pair of black all purpose shoes to go with everything for work, so when I saw these and then tried them on (they are SO comfortable) I had to have them:

Then after trying on a few more pairs of shoes, Becca was still looking I had to do something, I found these:

I LOVED them. They are red, they have a buckle, they are kick ass! I haven’t treated myself for awhile so I thought what the heck, if I’m going to indulge myself with something expensive why not a kick ass pair of red shoes (and a practical pair of black ones). HAPPINESS is going home and trying on new shoes with multiple outfits.

As my weekend came to a close I had a long bath and then put on a pair of new pajamas (Becca gave them to me, they are BEAUTIFUL!) I feel very fancy in them:

…..and headed off to bed to read my kindle (my birthday gift from my Mom). Feeling very happy and like a very lucky girl. Life is really good.

Thank you everybody who wished me a Happy Birthday and a VERY Merry Unbirthday to you all!

What A Wonderful Day!

I’m feeling super optimistic that this will be a great day!



There is no “I” in team but there is an “I” in Claire! So today I get to enjoy the day my way. The good thing is that it involves things that the people I’m spending it with will enjoy as well.

First I get to sleep in, I have the day off!!!!!!! Then I get to make a cup of tea and read (then watch “Live With Kelly” a guilty pleasure). Around noon my day really picks up because my good friend Becca is coming to visit! I haven’t seen her since January and am really looking forward to spending time with my travel buddy. Also she has started dating so I get to hear all about the new boy (I love new relationship gossipy goodness).

It may not seem possible but around 5:00 my day gets even better I get to see my FAVOURITE BOY…… KINGSLEY! I haven’t seen him in what seems like ages. The basset had surgery a few weeks ago but is back to his troublesome self and I’m sure he’s looking forward to hogging the bed. After obsessively hugging and rubbing the dogs belly and walking him, he will have a nap. Then Becca and I will head out and do what we do best, laugh, talk and have a really good meal with a few glasses of wine.

Does a day get any better? Maybe but this is going to be one fine day!

(Also I got a birthday card from my best friend, Thank you! Love you! AND my Mom took the time to mail me a card before she left for vacation to let me know that even though she isn’t here she’s thinking of me, today I can’t remember why I complain about her. Don’t worry she’ll come back and remind me.)

The Tinman!

Walking home I saw this little guy:

Somebody made a Tinman!

He’s so cute, I wish his hat wasn’t covering his face. I’ll have to go back to get another picture. Can you believe that somebody came up with the idea and then did it?

He’s done so well!

Look at his little feet! His ears! The buttons on the front! He’s so adorable!

He reminds to pay attention on my walk home because it’s easy to miss so much and I’d be sad to have missed him (okay I wouldn’t have because I wouldn’t have known about him). He made me smile after a long day, after a walk home in overcast drizzle, with obnoxious drivers who don’t pay attention to pedestrians. In my funk I just wanted to get home and make a cup of tea. Then the Tinman made me smile, almost squeal. How delightful!

To whoever made him and put him out to share with the neighborhood….. THANK YOU!

White Flowers Are Out!

It rained today but was kind enough to stop for my walk home. I love the smell after rain and especially at this time of the year when the trees are starting to flower. Right now the white flowers are out, smelling amazing. They lift my mood as I walk and I can see the buds on the pink trees almost ready to come out and then the lilacs will come.

I love the smell of lilacs and am eagerly anticipating them. I love the honey suckles as well. So fresh and pretty I can’t wait. Even my dog will stop to smell the honey suckles.

For now though I’m really happy that the white flowers are here.

So pretty: