Elephant Statue At The Royal Palace, Phnom Penh


On Saturday I went to see Cats. It was good, I really enjoyed it.

What made it really great was I went with my wonderful friend (Hey, coffee soon!) and her two wonderful daughters. I don’t get the chance to see her daughters a lot but I do enjoy hearing about them. It can be hard to figure out how to have a connection to your friends children. I don’t want to be their friend but they’re Mom is an important person in my life and therefore they are important to me as well and I would at least like them to know who I am.

I started sending them postcards when I travel because kids love postcards. They went to Hawaii earlier this year and they in turn sent me a postcard. It’s something that’s really easy to do and gives us a connection without being intrusive.

Going to see Cats was a surprise for them, their Mom hadn’t told them where they were going only that they were meeting up with me. Passing a sign for Cats, they’re Mom asked “Would you like to see that?” They both responded “Yes!” That’s when they’re Mom said “Good because that’s where we’re going!”

It was great to see them in person. We all went to dinner first and the girls were wonderful. Having fun, doing the puzzle on the children’s menu and playing with little animals that came with their drinks. It was a lovely dinner and then we headed to the theatre.

The show is over two hours with the intermission and the girls were completely engaged the whole time. One may have found her calling she was completely in awe of the performers. Leaving they collected some of the silver confetti that had fallen over the theatre at the end of the show. A reminder of how easy it is to make a young girl happy. Confetti never fails. Clutching the programs and smiling they talked about the show. I’m so glad that I went with them and maybe we’ll end up at another show together in the future.

It’s another connection to them and now I can be that lady who sends them postcards and went to Cats with them. Which is all good with me.

Sea Lions In San Francisco

Kananaskis – Look There’s A Heart In The Cloud

Train Wreck TV

I have a confession.

I love train wreck television or maybe a better way to phrase that is I can’t stop watching when a total train wreck is on the television.

Last week I discovered Tough Love Miami a show for single women to learn what they are doing wrong when they are dating. They get advice on how to present themselves better and basic dating advice. Like don’t make out in public, don’t insult your date, stuff like that. There were tears over the make overs and the everybody has to wear a bikini to learn about “inner beauty” challenge. WTF?

The advice is actually pretty sound and most of it is basic common sense but the women are hilarious and the host can be a dick but it’s all for they’re own good, apparently. I need to drop the show now because otherwise I’ll be working my schedule around it. Sad I know.

This is where Rock of Love was considerate, it was on late on Sundays. Anybody else remember Rock of Love or the one on the bus? OMG even friends that don’t watch or like train wreck television would call to see if I was watching and talk about it. Tough Love is no Rock of Love but it’s close. Rock of Love was basically a bunch of groupies fighting for Brett Michaels affection (EWWWWWW!) it was horrifying to watch and they seemed to drink 24/7. Drinking always makes for great train wreck television. Their were cat fights and they were lined up to see who could shove they’re tongue the furthest down Brett Michaels throat. The one question everybody had was “Is he going bald?”, Brett was always wearing a bandana or hat and still singing “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” the song he wrote for a stripper that broke up with him.

At the end of Tough Love somebody gets to sit in the chair of shame and gets reprimanded for their bad dating behaviour. I wish Rock of Love had a chair of shame ….. actually I think Rock of Love would have needed a couch to fit everybody.

Paris In The Rain

I was going to come home after work and ride my bike. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my new bike? I do and as I left work the sky darkened and as soon as I started my walk home it started to rain. Not hard but more like a heavy drizzle and it reminded me of the rain in Paris.

Ahhh the Eiffel Tower…..

It rained a couple of times when we were in Paris and while walking in the rain looking around I noticed something.

Nobody was running for cover, there were a few umbrella’s but not many. People just kept walking, kept going about their business like nothing was happening. So they were getting a little wet, it didn’t even seem to phase them. Here everybody seems to run for cover, reaches for an umbrella or their rain coat. It’s like over hear we are related to the Wicked Witch and water will kill us. Even in the light shower today people were swearing, hanging out inside, suddenly hailing a cab.

I like the walk in the rain, I did have a raincoat so I was prepared but the rain makes everything smell so much better. I found the drizzle soothing. So I wouldn’t get out on my bike today, that’s okay. I get to walk in the rain instead and the sidewalks were pretty clear so I didn’t have to avoid the slow walking weavers.

By the time I got home I felt great, very refreshed and my head felt clear. Also I know that when the sun comes back out everything will start to look green and the lilacs and apple blossoms will be out soon. That is truly my favourite time of year to walk home. I walk through an older neighborhood to get home and there are so many flowering tree’s. Not only do they look amazing, the smell….. oh the smell is just divine.

Although my plans were changed, as they so often are by weather, I was reminded of Paris, which always makes me smile. Also reminded that Spring is here and soon the blossoms will be out. A time of renewal, a time to put your best foot forward and perhaps blossom as well!

(Also gives me another reason to think about buying a brightly coloured pair of wellies! I think a pair of bright pink wellies would make me happy…… I’m pretty easy to please…..)

I Think He’s Happy It’s Spring!


I think spring is here! Now if it snows again you can blame me.

Amazing what a little sunshine can do to lift your mood. Out on my bike on the weekend, a lovely walk home from work today and then off to yoga. I’m feeling human again. AND I have my scooter back on the road!

Feeling very optimistic and getting things done. Spring always a new start, clean the slate and get back on track. For some reason February and March were really hard, I just had no energy and just wanted to stay home by myself, sit on my ass and do nothing. Which is kinda what I did.

Now I feel rejuvenated and am making lists to get back on track. I have energy again, the funk is gone. Now I wonder how I ended up there but when it happens you can’t stop it. I think part of it was post vacation funk and part of it just tired of the cold. Maybe I just need to hibernate and now it’s spring and time to come out of hiding.

I’m totally ready to take on the world again and no longer feel like sitting on my ass doing nothing. Let’s hope the feeling lasts (I think it will) and carry me right through the summer. Maybe next year I’ll need a sunny location to look forward to in February or March to get me through those last few months of winter.