Budapest At Night

Budapest is beautiful at night and in January the sun sets early. I wish more of my pictures had turned out but this will give you an idea at least.

Széchenyi Chain Bridge:

 Royal Palace at night:

Bazilika Cafe Budapest

What to do after wandering around Budapest on a cool January day? Go find Goulash! We went to the Bazilika Cafe and the Goulash was really good, also the beer was welcome after a long day of wandering around.

For dessert a chocolate crepe and coffee, perfect.

Heroes Square Budapest

Heroes Square is so beautiful and a must see if you are in Budapest. I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves. Here is more information on Heroes Square.

Széchenyi Thermal Bath Budapest

The day after we went to the Gellert Baths we decided to go to the Széchenyi Thermal Baths in City Park. It’s easy to find and after a day spent out in the cool wind on a city tour we were really looking forward to the warm baths. The building is beautiful and there is room after room of baths. We spent hours again going from room to room, hopping from bath to bath, checking out the sauna, the steam room and then heading outside.

It was January and cold but the pools are hot and so welcoming. There are three pools outside a very hot one, a hot one and a regular pool. The regular pool you need a swim cap to go in so we didn’t go in that one. The hot one has a circular river run in the middle where you can just float in circles in the hot water. The very hot one was lovely and we didn’t want to leave. It was a clear beautiful night and the water was so welcoming after being cold for most of the day.

I definitely want to go back and love the baths in Budapest. It’s hard to pick a favourite because I liked both for different reasons. The Gellert are smaller and I liked the women’s section but the Széchenyi baths have so many baths to hop in and out of. I’ll have to make sure I have time to go to both again when I go back.

Here is more information on the Széchenyi Thermal Bath

Gellert Baths Budapest

Finding the Gellert Baths should not have been as difficult as it was. We were tired, a little grumpy and decided the baths would be a great way to spend our afternoon. The front desk lady gave us a map and marked where we wanted to go but actually marked the wrong spot on the map. Off by just a bit but enough to send us running around in circles trying to find the baths. We wandered down the street and back. Wandered up Gellert hill to the Citadel where we didn’t find them but looking down we could see them. It was a long quiet walk down to the baths but having found them our mood started to lighten.

The building is beautiful and once inside we found the dressing rooms and got changed. We hit the mixed pool first and we started to relax. Then we went to the women’s only side where there are two hot pools, a cold pool, a sauna, a steam room.

We happily spent hours hopping from pool to pool, to the sauna, to the cool pool, to the hot pool, to the steam room, to the cool pool, to the hot pool. It was lovely, I wish I had the baths next door to my house, I would go everyday. I loved it and felt all the tension disappear. By the time we left we were in much better spirits and laughing again. The baths had done their magic and put us back on track. The outdoor pools were closed but that didn’t matter, we were fine with hanging in the women’s section.

I can’t wait to go back, I dream of them often.

Széchenyi Chain Bridge Budapest

This was my favourite bridge in Budapest, I love the lions. The veiw from the bridge is beautiful as well. Budapest is a beautiful city.



Citadel Budapest

The Citadel in Budapest is HUGE, massive and when you are right up at it, it’s really hard to get a picture that makes it look like anything except a stone wall. Which I guess is kind of the point. It’s at the top of Gellert Hill and it’s worth going up to have a look around. The view is amazing and we ended up there by getting lost on the way to the baths but once up at the top you can see the baths down below.

There are some antiaircraft guns on display:

The Liberation Monument is beautiful:

The views are amazing, even on a slightly over cast day:

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