House Pictures Prague

Instead of house numbers many of the addresses in Prague were once identified by the picture above the door. I love this, back home it’s all numbers. Boring! I also love England where they have a habit of naming houses.

What picture would I want above my door. Nothing to do with my occupation since I hope that I will not be an office worker for much longer. I would either like a Basset (my home is called “Kingsley Manor” because the dog rules the house when he is here. The other would be a Bear who likes like “The Bear” because he has never led me wrong and has been my faithful confidante for so long.

What would you like above your door?

Here are some examples from Prague:

2 thoughts on “House Pictures Prague

  1. Hi Claire
    I love the pictures that you take on your travels. very interesting.
    And you always tie them into good observations.
    Bravo to you!
    The Alkinator…

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