Residence Monastery Prague

When we arrived in Prague at our hotel we were told there was a mix up. Never what you want to hear when travelling. Apparently we were okay there for one night but they had over booked and they were going to put us up at a different hotel for the second night or we could move to the other hotel the first night and stay there for both nights. Was that okay?

Well we weren’t pleased but decided to go with the other hotel for both nights. That way we wouldn’t be wasting time transferring the next day. She assured us the other hotel was still close and within walking distance to everything. Off we went in a cab. The cab seemed to travel forever. We were getting worried. How far were we going? Walking distance, maybe we should have asked her to be more specific. Anywhere is walking distance, just depends on how much time you have.

We were dropped at the hotel and it looked nice. It was a Monastery with a beautiful courtyard. Also while driving in I noticed a brewery and restaurant. So far it looked okay but we were still wondering how far we were from the city center.

It turns out it was about a 20 minute walk and in hindsight we are really glad we ended up there. The staff was wonderful, the view from our room was gorgeous and the restaurant had GREAT food and beer (more on that later). Often in travel there are changes in plans, really the best thing to do is roll with it and the change might turn out to be even better than the original.

I would definitely stay at the Residence Monastery again.

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    • Prague was AMAZING, it’s now definitely one of my favourite cities. The beer is really good as well!

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