Killing My Quiver

Dear Omega Pharma-Quickstep,

I have a problem with your new uniforms. Certainly I can see on paper the concept looked nice and clean. Seemed like a good idea but the shorts need to be changed.

Here is a picture of Tom Boonen Click Here.

This is a great picture. Why? Because you can’t see the shorts. Only his adorable smiling face, so happy after winning stage one of the Tour of Qatar. I was happy seeing this picture and usually I look forward to seeing the other shots but then I see this picture of  Tom Boonen Click Here.

OMG WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? You’ve designed shorts that have turned Tom Boonen into a wide walker. He looks like he has child bearing hips. This is not the silhouette we want from a cyclist. Sleek, strong, powerful is what we want. Bring attention to the thighs NOT the hips. It’s quite a feat to make a professional cyclist look chunky but you have succeeded.

All I have to say is NO NO NO this is WRONG WRONG WRONG

Tom does not have wide hips, he has perfectly fine hips and very nice thighs. These shorts make him look chunky and they are killing my quiver. Please change the shorts so that Tom goes back to his normal sexiness. I’m sure you have time before the spring classics, the shirts are fine. I only ask that you change the shorts.

Please change the shorts and bring my quiver back.

Thank you