Calgary Zoo – Carrie the Giraffe

Last week we went to the Calgary Zoo for an all day meeting. It’s a really nice venue for meetings (I also went to a wedding there last year and it was a GREAT place for a wedding).

We didn’t have a lot of time to wander around and the much of the time we did have was spent waiting in line to see the Penguins, I’ll have those pictures later.

We did get to meet Carrie the giraffe who was so sweet and curious.

Happy Birthday…Yes You!

Today is my best friends birthday.

She always sends me a card because that’s how organized and thoughtful she is. I’m not. So instead I will dedicate a blog post to her.

I have many good friends that I adore and love that bring so much to my life, so you might ask how do I single this one out as my best friend.

Well where do I begin?

We have known each other since we were twelve years old. The age of her oldest daughter now. We not only know who we are now but how we got here.

How we got here has been a long road. We have both been through so much and for everything that has happened in the last thirty years we have been there. There were a few years here and there where we weren’t as present but in the end we have always come back.

Through marriage, through children, through bad relationships, through going off the deep end (we’ve both gone off the deep end). We have been there. Sometimes I haven’t been the best friend, sometimes she hasn’t been the best friend. It happens. We have always been friends and I know that no matter what happens I can call her at three am and she will bail me out of jail.

When we were in our teens this was our measure of who your good friends were. Who would bail you out of jail? This is not likely to happen but I know I could count on her. I know that if I need a friend, a sounding board, a good laugh, she is there.

When we are ninety we will be doing coffee together and still encouraging each other to live the dream. Whatever that dream is. Also telling each other inappropriate jokes and making fun of people we don’t like (we’re kinda petty that way).

So to Joanne, happy birthday!

I hope this day and every day brings you joy and happiness. You are an inspiration to me in the way you live your life, in how wonderful you are as a wife and mother, in how you are such an amazing friend to all who are lucky enough to know you.


Charles Bridge, Prague

The Charles Bridge is no doubt one of the many highlights of Prague. It is beautiful and lined with statues. There are performers and street vendors. We crossed it a number of times on our visit and every time something else would catch my eye.

People gather to touch a statue for luck or stop to gaze at the river. Always crowded and because people stop at to look or take pictures it tends to be slow going crossing the bridge.

The history of and the stories of the building of the bridge are fascinating. Definitely google the bridge for more information because I just wouldn’t do the stories justice and I wouldn’t know where to begin or end with what to tell.

Here are some pictures:

Prague Sunset


The first person I saw when I tuned in to the red carpet coverage was Octavia Spencer and she looked lovely. I love seeing the dresses and good and bad fashion choices. Sitting on my couch with popcorn and a cup of tea I was settled in for the long haul.

Then I saw Jonah Hill, with his Mom. I love it when people bring their Mom as their date.  Especially when Mom looks totally star struck.

They let Sacha Baron Cohen come as The Dictator! (or did he just show up) there was some controversy last week when he said he wanted to do the red carpet in character and then change for the ceremony. Come on Oscars have a sense of humour and let him and apparently they did.

Rooney Mara is beautiful but I find her dull and I didn’t like her dress. Jessica Chastain on the other hand seems delightful and her black and gold dress was beautiful (McQueen, no wonder I like it).

Prince Albert of Monaco and Prisoner Bride Charlene were there! OMG RUN Charlene RUN Charlene does look beautiful but is apparently not allowed to speak. Also kept cutting her out of the camera shot, was that because she’s still crying from the wedding?

Hate the BIG bow on Emma Stones dress. Was anybody else meh about The Help?

Michelle Williams is so pretty, loved the Louis Vuitton dress on her.

Colin Firth looks charming as always but I hate what Livia his wife is wearing. I don’t even care who she’s wearing, other than the dress she looks beautiful as always.

Christopher Plummer I LOVE he would make the list for my dream dinner party. He’s so charming, funny and bet he would have incredible stories to tell over after dinner drinks. (Love the velvet tux) AND Gary Oldman, I totally want Gary Oldman at that dinner party as well.

JLo where is Casper? Not slumming it at the Oscars this time?

Okay I could go on but that would probably be more for my amusement than yours so I’ll wait for the ceremony.

Love Billy’s opening was really good. Billy does it so well, there is a reason it’s his ninth time hosting and so much better than the mess that was James Franco and Anne Hathaway last year. Although I would put more of the blame on Franco who didn’t seem to even try to be entertaining….. but he went to art school.

(Okay as a side note I keep laughing my ass off at the 21 Jump Street trailers. I tried to resist and thought I would NEVER want to see it but I think I do.)

JLo and Cameron presenting would love to hear what they chatted about before presenting, I suspect nothing. Cameron was recently photographed dry humping PDiddy (NO CAMERON NO) and well JLo used to date him. Remember the dress? Yeah she was dating him when she wore the green Versace. They didn’t look comfortable together. (love it)

Okay I’ll kinda let you know now that the only categories I really care about are the acting and best film.

Christian Bale appears to have no sense of humour.

Best supporting actress OCTAVIA SPENCER. So happy and thrilled. I love an honest reaction and that was great tears and trying to remember what to say and who to thank. Wouldn’t have been my pick but I’m okay with it.

Cirque du Soleil was amazing, always amazing. Yay Canada!

RDJ and Gwyneth, okay I laughed. Also Emma Stone and Ben Stiller, totally laughed at them mocking Anne Hathaway and James Franco from last year.

Yay Christopher Plummer! I really liked Beginners. So happy he won, no surprise but still happy for him!

Jean Dujardin wins best actor. Not a surprise.

Colin Firth to Meryl “We were in Greece. I was gay and we were happy.” might be my favourite of the night.

Meryl Streep! Woo Hoo! I’m happy for Meryl, I really like her. Great speech she’s so lovely and gracious.

The Artist wins best picture! Woo Hoo! Happy about that.

How did you feel about the Oscars?

House Pictures Prague

Instead of house numbers many of the addresses in Prague were once identified by the picture above the door. I love this, back home it’s all numbers. Boring! I also love England where they have a habit of naming houses.

What picture would I want above my door. Nothing to do with my occupation since I hope that I will not be an office worker for much longer. I would either like a Basset (my home is called “Kingsley Manor” because the dog rules the house when he is here. The other would be a Bear who likes like “The Bear” because he has never led me wrong and has been my faithful confidante for so long.

What would you like above your door?

Here are some examples from Prague:

Travelling With Friends And More Buildings In Prague

The friend that I want to Prague with I have travelled with before. Several times, we have been to Peru, to Vietnam, to Cambodia, to Bruges and I have visited her in London several times. We used to walk home from work together but in 2007 she packed up and moved to London. I miss our walks home. When we met we were both in similar places in our lives. Both had left relationships that were no longer working. We both wanted to travel and were both trying to figure out what our next moves were. Turns out first on the list was Peru, still my favourite of all the trips I’ve done.

Travelling with a friend is a great experience and we are a team when we travel (TEAM SQUIRREL! long story). We know things about each other that we would not have learned any other way and we travel well together. No matter how easy going friends are and how similar their expectations of a trip there are there are always moments and times where one or the other gets snappy, moody or a disagreement happens.

Both of us get grumpy if we haven’t eaten. We have learned to air concerns right away and  not let them build. We have learnt to communicate so that we understand why somebody might be acting a certain way. Like all relationships friendships take work but the reward is more than worth it. When a problem occurs, we deal with it and then drop it. Move on and focus on the task at hand and the adventures ahead. The problems are not what I will remember, although we’ve had our fair share. I will remember all the laughter, unexpected fun when things don’t go to plan, the shared experiences of seeing so many amazing places. Yes we have laughed, cried and yelled.

As travel buddies go she is the best. Easy going and adventurous. Knows what she likes to see and do but also takes my likes and interests into consideration. Also puts up with me when I’m grumpy, moody or turning into frustrated five year old. The majority of time it is an easy friendship full of laughter and joy.

Team Squirrel! I hope will have many more adventures.

Here are more pictures of buildings in Prague:

Buildings in Prague

The buildings in Prague are beautiful. So many different colours and styles. Wandering around made me feel like I was in the Mozart movies.

It’s also not just the colours but the details, the different windows, doors, paintings on the buildings. I couldn’t get enough of them and we had beautiful weather for our day out. A little cool but beautiful blue sky. Prague is great for walking and always another beautiful view awaiting you around every corner. You don’t need a destination just wander and see where the streets take you, without a doubt you’ll end up somewhere great.