Is It Happy Hour….

I Like Bus Drivers, I Don’t Want To Be The Bus Driver….

In my About Me I said the job I would least like to have is Bus Driver. This is because I don’t like to drive and was not meant to slam bus drivers. I like to drive vehicles that resemble a golf cart. I’ve had one car, it was a hatchback. I now have a scooter.  I downsized from a hatchback.

I don’t want to be a Bus Driver because I don’t want to drive anything that big AND deal with the public. I’m often not fond of the public. I like the idea of people but after many jobs in customer service, well I find much of the public annoying. So to me it’s a terrible combination. I just don’t think I could handle it.

That is why I LOVE  bus driver’s and I’ve had some awesome bus driver’s over the years.

Ones that would see me running (which still happens often) and WAIT for me. Ones that reminded me when my stop came up (I used to fall asleep on the bus in the mornings). Ones that are always pleasant and say good morning.  I have a fondness for good Bus Drivers, I just don’t want to be the bus driver.

I used to love the bus ad they had years ago “Wait here we’ve sent a driver for you….” .

What’s Going On Over There….

Elevator Etiquette…..

Don’t you hate it when the elevator stops, the doors open, you go to get off but there is some over zealous person who can’t wait to get on the elevator. They try to push in. Blocking everybody who is trying to get off.

WHOA NELLIE what is your hurry?

Let everybody get off and THEN there will be plenty of room for you to get on. It only takes a moment and you won’t annoy the hell out of everybody who is trying to get off.

It always reminds me of my dog, when I go to the washroom the dog thinks that inside that closed door is a party that he should have been invited to. So he kicks up a fuss, until I come out and once that door is open he tries to push his way in before I can get out. Every time he is disappointed to find the bathroom, as it was, as it always is.

He’s a dog, he seems to have no short term memory, he isn’t very bright. I expect this behaviour from a dog but are my expectations too high to think that some office dude (or dudette) can learn that the elevator will wait for them, that they aren’t going to make it where they are trying to get to any faster if they try to push themselves on.

Do we need elevator training school?

I realize that with many things in life you get on before you get off but with elevators remember you let people off before you get on.


Cambodian Spider Snack Anyone….

On the way to Angkor Wat from Phnom Penh there is a little place called Skuon, if you’re hungry for a snack they have fried crickets and fried spiders (YUMMY!):

Very large fried spiders:

The spiders are a type of tarantula called a-ping. Fried in oil with garlic and some other stuff, I didn’t ask for the recipe. I found the number of spiders disturbing. Where had they all come from?

There must be more where they came from and I wanted to know where that was so I didn’t go there.

I saw a guy bite into one and I gagged.  I could almost hear the torso squish and just imagining what that would be like…. EWWWW! YUCK! Also saw him picking spider out of his teeth after.

Even stranger than eating the spiders was that the children play with them. Like a pet hamster or gerbil. They carry them around, pet them, let them hang off their clothes, talk to them and will let you hold one if you want. I didn’t want. Here are is an adorable girl and her pet spider:

NOT my hand:

One adorable little girl also decided to  freak us out by putting a live one in her mouth:

I would like to thank my friend Becca for the use of the pictures. I couldn’t watch, let alone take a picture.

A lady in our tour group could not get out of Skuon fast enough. She hated the spiders and almost trampled the small children trying get away from the spiders.

This little girl was adorable and had fresh pineapple and not a spider in sight. That was more like it! :

Sometimes you leave a place and then think back to a missed opportunity but I think back and have no problem having not tried or held a spider.

Would you have?

What’s Up….

The Flame Went Out Sweetie….

Here is the story I promised from yesterday.

So a friend of a friend is trying to “win” her ex back. He has no interest. From what I’ve heard he just wants to move on without her. She can’t let go and she calls, texts and emails him everyday (since last December). LONG messages of love and longing and what sounds like desperation. It all reeks of desperation which will generally make anyone run in the other direction. After receiving a text back from the ex that said “SERIOUSLY LEAVE ME ALONE” (we know when something is in all caps the person is yelling). So now he’s angry, he’s fed up and YELLING! What does our friend do? Sends him back this:

Another night slowly closes in,
And I feel so lonely.
Touching heat freezing on my skin,
I pretend you still hold me.
I’m going crazy, I’m losing sleep.
I’m in too far, I’m in way too deep over you.
I can’t believe you’re gone.
You were the first, you’ll be the last.

Wherever you go, I’ll be with you.
Whatever you want, I’ll give it to you.
Whenever you need someone to lay your heart and head upon.
Remember: after the fire, after all the rain,
I will be the flame.
I will be the flame.

Yes those are the lyrics to “The Flame” by Cheap Trick

First she yelled, screamed, cried and argued so much that he stopped talking to her. Stopped returning her emails. Stopped responding to her texts, except to yell “SERIOUSLY LEAVE ME ALONE”.  Apparently Plan B is ……… send cheesy 80’s lyrics? Oh yeah that’ll get him back.

I want to cover my face and hide I’m so embarrassed for her. I cringe thinking of his face opening that text. WTF????? (more yelling)

Oh Sweetie…. she really needs to break the communication habit. If I was her friend I would have wrestled the phone out of her hand and hidden her computer.

Yes break-ups suck, especially if you are the one who was dumped but in those moments when you want to call, text, email… stop yourself. If you need to cry go ahead and cry. I’ll give you three, you can send three messages and if you get nothing back move on.

It’ll get easier but first you have to let go. The time immediately after is so emotional and as she has experienced you may think you’re calling to say “I love you, please come back…….” but somewhere along the way you don’t hear what you want to and because your emotions are already heightened it turns into yelling and name calling. The opposite of what you want to do.

So I’m thinking 21 days, she should have no contact for 21 days. Then maybe she won’t care to get him back after stepping away and getting some perspective (there is no perspective if you are sending over 20 messages a day to somebody who is not responding). Maybe she’ll shake her head and be able to communicate in a rational way. Probably not.

Maybe she should go listen to Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill for a week or two and get all the frustration out, write a letter and burn it. Then pick herself up, brush herself off and head back out there. Find a new one to practice her crazy on because I don’t think the old one is ever coming back.

Maybe this is the song she should have sent:

Cheap Trick – I Want You