Everyday I head out for a walk. Getting my steps in on my fitbit, as I’ve mentioned before I do well when motivated and the fitbit badges keep me going. I just got the Japan badge, woo hoo! That’s just over 3,000km.

It’s pretty easy to head out for a walk when the reservoir is so close, it makes for a beautiful walk and I love the nod other people out exercising give each other. It’s like silent encouragement, a subtle thumbs up. The weather has been unseasonably warm and still no sign of snow, this I can live with while I wander along and think about my next move.



This little guy was chatting at me while I was outside today.

I don’t know if he was asking for peanuts or giving me advice or taking over the nagging from my Mother. Mom is on vacation and I’m enjoying some quiet time while she’s gone. It’s good living with Mom but after living on my own for so long having anybody around is tiring. I often need to remind myself to not be such a biatch to my mother. I get snippy, my patience wears thin and of course since it’s my Mom I take everything she says ten times more personally than I probably should.

We’ve adjusted though and are getting along quite well, we’ve worked out some of the bigger issues that came up when I first move in. Like toast crumbs on the counter, hers not mine. I hate crumbs on a counter and I don’t think she even realized that she was leaving them behind every morning. What  is nice though is to be able to have a glass of red wine without the judgey look. Mom swears it’s not a judgey look but it looks judgemental to me. Especially two glasses in . . . .

Now I’m enjoying the time alone and loving my glass of red wine in the evening.

Mowing the Lawn


I had to mow the lawn at my Mom’s place the other day. I’ve never mowed a lawn before, I’ve never had to. I had a house once but my significant other at the time mowed the lawn. I was good at other things, folding towels. I am GREAT at folding towels. I can clean a bathroom like nobody’s business and leave organizing the kitchen cupboards to me. The lawn though I had no interest in and he never complained or I didn’t hear him complain, so I guess he might have but I wasn’t listening. Perhaps why he’s my ex?

Anyway a friend was shocked that I had NEVER mowed a lawn. YOU’VE NEVER MOWED A LAWN?!?! I then tried to come up with something that he has never done in a domestic capacity but he’s a domestic diva so I couldn’t think of anything domestic so I threw travel at him. YOU’VE NEVER BEEN TO AFRICA?!?!?!

It’s at moments like that that I realize I am just as annoying as daytime talk shows. Mowing the lawn and travel doesn’t really correlate to each other and I’m being immature really it’s the same as “I know you are but what am I . . . ” and I like to think I’m capable of more linear thought. Daytime talk shows annoy me and I often yell at the television while watching them, it starts with a point taken from the headlines that the ladies are then suppose to discuss and always there is one that takes it in a completely different direction and makes it all about her. (Why are there no round table shows with guys?) Like a discussion of a red carpet dress that turns into a discussion about breast feeding. Always leads me going WHAT? How did we get here?

Anyway I’ll be mowing the lawn again as it was a pleasant experience and as you can see from the photo above the poppies were out in full bloom. Also the noise of the mower covers the sound of my voice bitching about whatever annoyed me on daytime television. Win Win!

Think Only Kind Thoughts

Flamingoes and Storks

What’s up with the kind thoughts?

Certainly a picture of flamingos and storks leads me to think kind thoughts.

I had a lady tell me I needed daily affirmations in my life. I was in line at a coffee shop and a lady took what seemed like three years to give her order and then seemed surprised that she had to pay. The lady in front of me hearing me sigh and turning back to see me roll my eyes stated “You need affirmations in your life”.

Apparently she uses them and they help her deal with things that used to bother her. She carried on about how they had changed her life until it was her turn to order. I felt like I had been cornered by a religious sect that usually shows up on your doorstep. When she stepped up to order I thought “Hallelujah!”

Later that night I found myself googling daily affirmations. OH MY GOODNESS there are affirmations for everything! Whatever ails you, whatever you want to manifest in your life, whatever you are trying to get over there is an affirmation for that. I looked through several sites and found one that seemed sort of like an affirmations for beginners.

The site had a list of suggested affirmations. I wondered do we say them out loud? Are we suppose to chant them? Do we repeat them? How many times? Okay so I have a few questions about how all this works and also are we suppose to say the same ones everyday? Or find a new one and kinda dwell on a new topic each day like a daily devotional reading.

Anyway I totally lost track of the last paragraph. The first affirmation the site recommended was “Think Only Kind Thoughts”.

Hmmm that’s a nice idea but not gonna happen. Who can think only kind thoughts? I roll my eyes a lot and it’s not at kind thoughts. It’s usually because I think someone is being a twat. Do people who think only kind thoughts ever laugh because I’m thinking about it and most things I laugh at are not kind thoughts. I often think unkind thoughts and laugh to myself. Unless I’m among friends I try to keep my unkind thoughts to myself and don’t share with strangers. I’m happy to  wait and email my friends when I get home.

I do consider myself a kind person, I think I think I am generally a very good person. I just know that through the course of a typical day there are going to be thoughts in my head that will not be kind, I will judge other people, I will berate other people in my mind, I will roll my eyes because somebody has violated something that I think should be a social norm.

Perhaps I’ll try to keep my thoughts more on the kind side, maybe for every unkind thought I find myself thinking I’ll try to balance it with something thoughtful and understanding.

Or not. . . maybe this isn’t the right affirmation for me.

Sunset Over Masai Mara

Masai Mara Sunset

A beautiful sunset over the Masai Mara in Kenya.

Blue Balls With Banana

Monkey With Blue Balls

I call this one Blue Balls With Banana.

He’s a Vervet Monkey and his balls really are that blue. He was a pushy little guy and stole that banana from a couple of other smaller monkeys and then hissed at any monkey that dared to come close.

This little guy waited patiently until he thought no one was looking to steal the coffee mug.
Clepto monke

He drank the last few drops and then abandoned the cup but if you find yourself around Vervet monkeys, watch your stuff as they are sneaky little buggers that like to get into everything.

This one probably wants a cup to go with the tea bag.
Tea packet monkey

This little guy seemed to be contemplating going for a swim.
Pool monkey

There was also a mom and baby that seemed to want to stay out of the shenanigans of all the others.
mom and baby monkey

Hot Air Balloon Over Masai Mara


It was near the end of my trip that I took a hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara in Kenya.

It was one of my favourite parts of the trip, to see the sunrise over the Masai Mara from the balloon was incredible. It makes one feel like anything is possible.

When I’m having a tiring day and I’m not sure what to do and am frustrated by life I often look at this picture and remember all the possibilities.

Happy Birthday! (. . . better early than late . . . .)


Okay it’s not until tomorrow but why not start celebrating today?

After the week you’ve had you deserve it!

So I dug out a few alpaca pictures for you, I know you like llama’s  and alpacas are pretty close. Also adorable to look at. If all else fails you can run away and start a llama/alpaca farm!

Okay maybe not.

DSCN0658 DSCN0652

Also found this picture of a Peruvian mini bar, still makes me chuckle.


Tomorrow kick back, twist the top of your wine and stuff a straw in it.


This is no time to worry about being classy. If you can squeeze in a bubble bath do that as well.

Things will get better, I’m just not sure when.

Remember I am available anytime for coffee, lunch, dinner, wine, bitching, complaining, gossiping, pretending that all this crap isn’t happening, whatever you need just call.